Prayers – Cardinal and Non-cardinal

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I told you that there must not be any prayers, at least no non-cardinal type of prayers. What are cardinal prayers? The prayers that solely control human movements or concern the pabula that helps human advancement or microcosmic advancement towards its desideratum may be termed cardinal prayers. All other prayers are non-cardinal. Microcosmic advancement requires some urge and it gets its food from the Macrocosmic Cause. So people’s request or prayers should be on that issue only.

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What’s so good about fasting?

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Fasting is one of the secrets of a long life. Your body, and your digestive organs, in particular, are required to work and work without any vacation. You know that you require rest from your work or your school from time to time. In the same way, your digestive system needs a rest from time to time.

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My master as a caretaker

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My master as a caretaker Ananda Marga

When I was posted in Bhagalpur, somebody told Baba a rumor that I was suffering because I was not eating properly, regular meals. Since it was nearby, the Margiis of Bhagalpur used to frequent in Jamalpur. Baba scolded them saying.

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It Is Wise to Be a Devotee

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In the spiritual field there are three main competitors - intellectuals (jinána yogiis), the dexterous workers (karma yogiis) and devotees (bhaktas). Ultimately, the devotees win. The reason is that intellectuals and karma yogiis fight with their strength whereas devotees leave everything to Parama Puruśa who takes up their cause. The devotees thus win without fighting. Intellectuals when confronted, try to solve the problem with the intellect and look into the scriptures for mandates to follow. Ultimately they get tired. Likewise karma yogiis will devote their time to plans and programs but will finally get tired in the process.

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My master surrenders to devotion

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My master surrenders to devotion Ananda Marga

Chotti Jammin is a small village near Bhagalpur. The first Ananda Marga conference was held there on February 8. On the way there, Baba's jeep broke down at a place called Jai Khut, so He had to walk the last two kilometers to the village.

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My Master As A Guide

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Bhagalpur is a big city in Bihar. The first Ananda Marga Jagrti was established there. Due to the efforts of the Margiis, the message of Ananda Marga spread all around the state. This aroused enmity and jealousy amongst the orthodox Hindus who advocate casteism and other dogmas. They are completely conservative in there traditions, beliefs and customs.

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