Why does GOD create..?

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: Q & A Last Update: 09/05/2018

Why does He create ? What is the necessity of creation ? Human beings and all other creatures come here to undergo so many sufferings. Then what is this creations ? So many millions of people came here on this earth for the last four thousand years, but they could not give a satisfactory reply to this eternal question. But when the devotees came, they said, it is not all a knotty problem. It is very simple. You learned scholors, you cannot give the reply. But I know What is the reply. My Lord was alone in this universe before creation. Just think, if you are alone in the jungle your life becomes miserable. And in that vast space my supreme Father was alone. Just to save Himself from the sufferings of monotory the created.

And, where did the material come from? The material came from His mind, because everything in this universe is within Him; nothing is without. So no material can come from outside. In his ectoplasmic stuff that is, in His mind, is the material, and He created everything within His mind. There are so many animate and inanimate objects, but they are all within His mind and not outside. A person may be of educated, may be illiterate, may be of fair complexion, may be of dark complexion, may be poor or may be rich, but all are withing His mind. All are His psychic creations, all are His loving progeny of the loving progenitor. So, nobody id unimportant no body is insignificant. No body should be suppressed, oppressed or repressed.