He is Everything

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Sahasrashiirśá Puruśah sahasrákśah sahasrapát;
Sa bhúmiḿ vishvato vrtvá’tyatiśt́haddasháuṋgulam.

In this shloka the attributes of Puruśa or the Supreme Consciousness have been explained. We know that in the process of creation the Cosmic Mind is created. This Cosmic Mind has its waves, Its mental faculty; so, also, in the latter stages, when the unit mind is created, it has its mental flow. The Cosmic Mind is certainly infinite, and the entire creation is His kingdom. He is its sovereign ruler. For the unit mind, it is really impossible to challenge the authority of that Supreme Mind, because all unit minds are within His mental arena, within the periphery of that Cosmic Mind. In fact, the Universe is the thought projection of the Cosmic Mind. Whatever the unit mind thinks or does, it is immediately known to Him, because all the actional expressions are within the scope of that Cosmic Entity.

Now, you have a brain with a small cranium; your mental capacity is therefore limited. The Cosmic Entity does not require a brain, because everything is internal for Him. You think with your small brain, whereas He thinks with His Infinite Mind. You see with your two eyes, with the limited capacity of your optical nerves and optical fibres, but He sees with His infinite eyes, watching every activity at the same time. Because of this Cosmic nature, His eyes are everywhere; whatever you can see, He sees, and whatever you cannot see, that also He sees. The pictures of others’ minds are constantly passing through His mind. You have two small legs, and it takes some time for you to reach Calcutta from Patna. You cannot remain in Calcutta and in Patna at the same time. But, because of His Cosmic nature, His legs are everywhere. To go to Calcutta from Patna, He need not leave Patna. That is, He is everywhere; He sees everything; He watches everything; He is everything. This quinquelemental universe is His object. He is the Supreme Subjectivity, and everything else is objectivity. Man controls the quinquelemental expression of the lower kośas by the higher kośas and all the kośas are controlled by the sahasrára cakra. That means that the sahasrára cakra is above everything in this quinquelemental Universe. The sahasrára cakra is the seat of the supreme entity, and therefore the sahasrára cakra is the final controlling point.

The Cosmic Puruśa knows the past and the future. Here is has been said that He knows the past and the future. Nothing has been said about the present. What is the present? A certain portion of the past and a certain portion of the future that you can remember very easily, grasp very easily, is known as the present time. If there is a conversation between two persons, whenever one says something, the other person hears after a few second (because air takes some time to carry sound waves) and the other man hears it. It is past for the speaker and future for the present time. The Cosmic Entity knows the past and future of “sarva”. “Sa” is the acoustic root of the sentient principle, “ra” represent energy, and “va” means “characteristic.” Everything is born out of the sentient principle, and everything is controlled by energy, and everything has its characteristic. So, everything is therefore controlled by sarva, and sarva means everything. The Cosmic Puruśa knows everything. According to Ananda Marga philosophy, there is no question of heaven and hell. So you must not encourage helplessness. He is present in hell and heaven. So you are never alone. You must never encourage the psychology of helplessness. Parama Puruśa is always with you. That Supreme Entity is in love with you, and therefore you must not suffer from any kind of inferiority complex. Make Him the goal of your life and become an emancipated being.

A.V. Part-01, 15 August 1978, Patna