Devotion – the only path

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I will say something regarding the necessity of devotion (bhakti) in the path of spiritual cult. Everybody knows that jiṋána (knowledge), karma (action) and bhakti (devotion) are the three aides for progress along the path of spirituality. A jiṋánii (person of knowledge) reaches near the goal but yet a little distance remains in between. A karmii (person of action) reaches nearer the goal but even then a little gap remains. A bhakta (person of devotion) reaches right to the goal. The jiṋánii has to repent ultimately that he or she wasted a long life on dry discourses of knowledge and could not fulfill their mission.

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The Four Stages of Human Progress

Posted By: Shailesh Dev Tag: Scriptures Last Update: 10/10/2018

You all know that every movement in this world is systaltic. That is, speed followed by pause, pause followed by speed, just like the movement of an earthworm. In the mundane sphere human development can be determined by observing the external progress in the fields of science, technology etc. But that is not true progress or development.

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Pranama Mantra

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: Scriptures Last Update: 25/08/2018

Yesterday I gave the interpretation of Guru Pújá. Last night one boy asked me to give the interpretation of the Prańáma Mantra. Then and there his request was complied with. For the information of all, I am repeating the interpretation.

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Guru Puja

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guru-puja-Ananda Marga

Yesterday I spoke regarding the seven secrets of success as were told to Párvatii by Shiva. One of the secrets was “Gurupújanam.” I said that “pújanam” means the endeavour to acquire the attributional stance of Guru. And, regarding the import of the term, Guru, I said that “gu” means “darkness”, the spiritual darkness, the micropsychic darkness, and “ru” means “dispelling personality”. So Guru means “the personality who dispels darkness from the minds of spiritual aspirants”.

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Krsna, the Nucleus of the Universe

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Krsna-the-Nucleus-of-the-Universe-Ananda Marga

Who is Krśńa? What is Krśńa? The word krśńa has so many meanings. One meaning of krś is “to plough the land”. And another meaning of krś is “to attract”. He who draws, He who attracts, everybody towards Him, the Nucleus of the Universe, is “Krśńa”. “Krśńa” means the Nucleus of the Universe. The third meaning of Krśńa is bhurvácak – “the Entity who lives within one’s ‘I’ feeling”. “I am, because Krśńa is – I exist because Krśńa exists.” This is the meaning. That is, if Krśńa does not exist, I also do not exist. My existence, my very existence, depends upon His existence.

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He is Everyting

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He-is-everyting-AV-01-Ananda Marga

In this shloka the attributes of Puruśa or the Supreme Consciousness have been explained. We know that in the process of creation the Cosmic Mind is created. This Cosmic Mind has its waves, Its mental faculty; so, also, in the latter stages, when the unit mind is created, it has its mental flow. The Cosmic Mind is certainly infinite, and the entire creation is His kingdom.

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