The Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar

For those who lack in physical pabula, minimum requirements will have to be guaranteed; otherwise they will become sinners. If you don’t give, you will meet your waterloo. If your neighbor’s house is on fire, your house will also catch fire. To issue minimum requirements to everyone, both strong administration and intellectual approach are necessary. Those who will do this will be called sadvipras. In the absence of sadvipras, society cannot survive.

“The Three Causes of Sin”

People will recognize sadvipras by their conduct, their devotion to service, their dutifulness and their moral integrity. These sadvipras will declare firmly, “All human beings are of the same caste,” “All human beings have equal rights,” “All human beings are brothers and sisters.” These sadvipras will give a stern warning to the exploiters of the society: “Human exploitation will not be tolerated. No exploitation will be allowed on the pretext of religion.” Rallying around the saffron flag, a symbol of sacrifice, they will devote themselves to the service of widely scattered units of the human society and proclaim loudly, “Human beings of the world, unite!”

Problem of the Day, 59

Today I extend my earnest request to all reasonable, virtuous and moral fighters that they form a good, well-disciplined sadvipra society without further delay. These sadvipras shall work for the good of all countries, for the all-round emancipation of all humanity.

“The Three Causes of Sin”

The sadvipra is not an inactive witness. S/he is an active participant to see that no person or class exploits the rest. For this, s/he may have to resort even to physical violence, because the sadvipra will have to strike at the source of the power which is tending to become the exploiter.

Idea and Ideology, 88

Those who have a correct philosophy and a correct spiritual practice based on the principles of morality (Yama and Niyama) will be the guiding personalities of the society of tomorrow. It is the duty of the conscious people to snatch away the physical power and intellectual leadership from the hands of political hypocrits. Politicians are of no use to the society because they are engaged in mudslinging and nothing else. If the sadvipras (spiritual moralists) get active mass support, revolution is bound to come. In case a government adopts the ideals of Prout, the rule of sadvipras will prevail. If the same is not adopted by a government, and sanguinary revolution is sure to come and ultimately the power will be made over to the sadvipras.

Problem of the Day, 48

To a sadvipra, the value of human life surpasses all other values. Be it state or scripture, society or religion, the significance of everything lies in developing humanity to the optimum point through knowledge, culture, health and affluence of life. It is for the unfoldment of humanity that civilization has so many impediments, the state presents various forms, theories multiply and the scriptures abound in ordinances and regulations. What does the state stand for, what is the use of these regulations, or what are the marvels of civilization for, if humanity is deprived of manifesting itself, if human beings do not get any chance to build a good physique, to invigorate their intelligence with knowledge and to broaden their heart with love and compassion? Instead of leading humanity to the goal of life, if the state stands in the way then it cannot command loyalty, because humanity is superior to the state.

“Social Value and Cardinal Principle”

A sadvipra may not like a person, but if one is honest, the sadvipra will not agitate against him. A sadvipra may like a person, but if he is dishonest, the sadvipra will take suitable measures against him.

“Social Value and Cardinal Principle”